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Full-Face Masks

Full-Face Masks

Full face masks offer much greater overall protection to the face by incorporating a face shield and full enclosure to the face. These full face masks work through an additional filter system and have the adaptability to include both particulate and gases/aerosol filters.

JSP - Force10 Typhoon Full Face Mask (BPB003-04-000)

From £74.45 + VAT

Moldex 9000 Series - Reusable Full mask body.

SIZING CHART available in 'downloads' for more detail

From £88.46 + VAT
  • Use as a negative-pressure single-filter mask or as a face piece for a powered air respirator
  • Sweat port helps to improve user comfort during long periods of use
  • Visor provides a good field of view and comes in choice of polycarbonate or high-heat material
  • Compatible with the 3M™ DT-Series of filters
From £123.77 + VAT
The 3M™ Full Face Mask 6700 offers lightweight protection and ease of use. The wide-view visor provides excellent visibility and high speed, medium energy (B) impact protection. Flexible 3M™ Bayonet Connection System allows for connection to a wide range of 3M particulate and/or gas and vapour filters.
From £85.87 + VAT

Full face mask with excellent fit, high protection level, eye protection and very good breathing comfort for use in the toughest work environments.

£160.32 + VAT

Introducing the FFM 1600 Full Face Mask. Protective, comfortable and lightweight. Available in 3 sizes, with a full range of filters, spares and accessories.

This full face mask is sold as a Ready-Pack and includes a free pair of FFP3 Re-usable filters. If you require any other filter combination these are sold separately.

A2P3 Filters

ABEK1P3 Filters

From £43.00 + VAT
Tear off visors intended for use with the FM1600 Full Face Mask- Pack of 10
£12.85 + VAT
  • Can be used as a face piece for a powered air respirator or as a negative-pressure single-filter mask
  • Designed to provide a good field of vision
  • Guarded speech diaphragm designed for improved communication
  • Polycarbonate visor for eye and face protection
From £187.03 + VAT
3M™ Reusable Full Face Mask features a panoramic visor that is designed to prevent visual distortion and allows for a virtually unrestricted field of vision. Featuring a front-fitting filter port, compatible with the 3M™ Filters, DT Series, and is suitable for a wide range of wearers and applications. Please note, the 3M™ Reusable Full Face Mask was previously named the Scott™ Vision 2 Reusable Full Face Mask.
From £187.03 + VAT

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