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Published:  June 2022

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ESD gloves are an essential type of PPE and should be considered mandatory when working in a number of environments, such as Labs, Clean rooms, Biotec and electronic works.


What is ESD?

Have you ever noticed a small shock of energy in your hand when touching another person or object? Well this is known as ‘ESD’ or Electrostatic Discharge. That small current of energy is actually 3,500 volts.

Humans are unable to feel anything lower than 3,500 volts of static currency, and therefore it is highly recommended to wear ESD-safe gloves when working with sensitive devices such as PC components, and many other electronics.


When to use an ESD glove?

The goal of an ESD glove is to minimise to the amount of static electricity in any given environment,  

ESD gloves are important in the following industries.

  • Building and assembling PC’s and other types of electronic products.
  • Working in a PCB factory
  • Mechanical and Electrical workshops
  • Chemical industries
  • Gadget repairs
  •  Precise packaging and production


What ESD glove should I choose?

Adept Statix

£3.01 / pair + VAT



£1.46 / pair + VAT


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